Massage therapy is often perceived as a luxury, but in actuality it can play a key and critical role in your overall health and well-being.  Research proves that there are numerous benefits of receiving massage therapy on a consistent and regular basis.  Some of these benefits include the reduction of depression, anxiety and medication dependence; easing and softening of injured, tired and overworked muscles; reduction of post surgery scaring; elimination of adhesions and swelling; improvement in range of motion and joint flexibility; and an increase in athletic endurance.  With all of the aforementioned benefits, one would be wise to consider and implement massage therapy as a vital part of their overall health and wellness regimen. 

​Swedish Massage

Long, flowing strokes (application of light and medium pressure) and joint movements that affect all systems of the body, promoting general relaxation while alieving pain and discomfort.

​Hot Stone Massage

This comforting and healing massage involves hot and cold stones placed on various parts of the body that tend to hold tension and pain like the back, abdomen and face. Oiled stones are then used to massage the body, creating a deep sense of relaxation. 

Foot Massage
Pounding the pavement day in and day out can take its toll on your feet. Feel rejuvenated through a deep relaxing foot massage as you improve our circulation and relieve your tired and achy feet. 
Trigger Point Therapy

This form of massage focuses on the release of tension around specific nerve centers throughout the body. It is a great method of relieving cramped and overused muscles. 

​Deep Tissue Massage

Slower, deeper pressure that aligns layers of muscle and connective tissue; relieves chronically tense and contracted areas such as stiff neck, lower back pain and tightness in the shoulders.


Aromatherapy is a natural approach to relieve stress, nervous tension, respiratory conditions and fatigue. Natural essential oils are added to increase the benefits of a massage therapy session. Lavender is used for deep relaxation & arthritis, Eucayptus is used for swelling, sprains & tight muscles while Arnica is used to address muscular & joint pain. 

​Sports & Therapeutic Massage

The application of complex massage techniques  to assure the health & well being of an athlete's performance or post surgery recovery. Massage helps care for the wear and tear of minor injuries sustained in the performance of any strenuous physical activity. 

Head Massage​

Through the use of gentle manipulation and touch to the head, neck, and base of the spine, your neck, back and hips will feel looser and freer. 

Couples' Massage
Find time for yourself and the one you love. Join your partner in slipping into a deep state of calm, reconnecting and relaxing through this classic massage for two. 

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